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 Set in England in the summer of 1910, Figaro and Susanna live through a crazy day where it seems that people and events around them will conspire to prevent their wedding from taking place; a riot of mistaken identities, hiding under covers and in cupboards, combined with some of the most exquisite music ever written

Felici's sell out performance run supported The Place2Be (children's mental health), The National Kidney Federation and Parkinsons UK.


Count Almaviva:          Richard Perry

Countess Almaviva:     Suzanna Perry

Figaro:                            James  Gower

Susanna:                         Zoe Jasko

Cherubino:                    Jennifer Carr

Marcellina:                    Alison Gibbs

Bartollo:                        Peter Davis

Basillio:                          Gordon Hodges

Antonio:                        Peter Johnson

Barbarina:                      Jessica Wiley

Don Curzio:                  Mark Savage

Chorus: Su Cassidy, Fizz Gibbs, Amelia Perry, Alina Gower, Valmai Guess, Edgar Jasko, Graham Gibbs, Mark Savage, Peter Harding

Piano:                             Mary Anstey & Margaret Johnson

Clarinet:                         Chris Goward

Viola:                              Emily Clark

Musical Director:        Margaret Johnson

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