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Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni, the famous seventeenth century lover of women and wine, flees his wife Donna Elvira and pursues the beautiful and aristocratic Donna Anna. With scarce thought to the consequences for his soul he murders Donna Anna's father, the Commendatore, and seduces the newly-wed peasant-girl Zerlina. But Don Giovanni will soon be confronted with his mis-deeds by Donna Elvira (fearful for his soul), Donna Anna & her financé Don Octavia (united in seeking vengeance for her father's murder), Masetto (Zerlina's angry husband) and Leporello (The Don's disillusioned man-servant), until the final reckoning comes- the statue ghost of the Commendatore himself!

Felici Opera's tudor-style production sung in English accompanied by a band of piano, harpsichord, timpani and trombone was enjoyed by audiences at St Andrews Ampthill, English Martys Church, Wembley and at the Marble Hall inside Hatfield House. 


Don Giovanni                    Richard Perry

Don Ottavio                      Gordon Hodges

Leporello                            Steven East

Il Commendatore             Peter Davis

Masetto                             Peter Edge

Donna Anna                      Charlotte Derry

Donna Elvira                     Suzanna Perry

Zerlina                                Zoe Jasko

Chorus:                             Augusta Lees

                                            Phyllida Jones

                                           Chris Hodges   

                                            Andrew Currall

Director                             Gordon Hodges

Musical Director              Margaret Johnson

Piano:                                 Mary Anstey

Timpani:                             Eric Wilson

Trombone:                        Andrew Groom


Featuring the Pirton Early Music Group:

don geovani-224.jpg

Peter Greener, Valmai Guess, Clare Fleck, Peter Harding

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don geovani-73 copy.jpg
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